The European Queen of Burlesque's judges are qualified art directors, teachers affiliated with major European Burlesque shows and burlesque dance schools, and currently performing professionals.


This mixture of styles, breadth of burlesque experience, and extensive background in performing arts contribute to the diverse range of feedback our judges will offer all performers.


Art Director ,Burlesque School director,

Fire Performer

Art Director Ohh! Lala! Cherie!

Burlesque School owner

Burlesque host

Fire performer 


Singer, Ballet Dancer, Musical, Burlesque

Ballett-School Anne Zeiser Switzerland

Hungarian Dance Academy Budapest

Swiss Musical Academy Bern

MAS Dance, Zürich University of  the Arts

Burlesque Dancer 

CHRIS OH Auckland (NZ)

Ballet Contemporary dancer, teacher, Boylesque

New Zealand Got Talent 

Burlesque & Dance teacher

Qualified gymnastic coach 




The European Queen of Burlesque© is a competition like none other.


The shows takes place in Zürich, Switzerland, in the oldest burlesque & jazz cabaret of the city, "Mascotte" located in the famous Corso Building!

The performers are the best of the best from all corners of the European Continent from online submissions.


As these performers come together to show off their best acts, you might be wondering how the scoring system works as performers aim for the The European Queen of Burlesque©'s Crown!

In this pdf document you will find how the The European Queen of Burlesque© scoring system works!