Alfonso Siegrist THE PRODUCER

"I was already interested in music, arts and entertainment as a teenager and over the years it became my profession. 
Professionally, I was self-employed from an early age and have been able to maintain this until today. With my closest friends, I first organized illegal parties and concerts before we found our first club, the „legendary“ LUV, afterwards the Acapluco & Mata Hari Bar where we organized our first burlesque shows (with the brilliant Velvet Hammer ladies) and so it went on and on... 

For the last 15 years I have been booking live bands, acts and DJs and organized shows and events for our two clubs, the Mascotte and the Plaza…trying to reach out for the best and most wanted…to create special and unforgettable moments for our guests."

Mascotte THE VENUE

Today's Mascotte is considered one of the oldest "clubs" in Switzerland and is linked most closely to the history of the famous Corso House and the cultural history of Zurich.

For over 100 years now (the official opening took place on 13 January 1916), the "Palais" mascotte has been housed on the first floor of the Corso House, directly on Switzerland's largest square, Sechseläutenplatz, between the Zurich Opera and Bellevue. In the twenties and thirties the most famous artists from Europe and overseas performed in the Corso, among them names like Josephine Baker or Louis Armstrong. Even the famous Follie Berger performed at the Corso House 1939…and and triggered a huge scandal with demonstrations in front of the building.

The fifties and sixties were the time of big bands, dance music and live concerts, followed by the first Swiss Go Go Girls. In 1977 Udo Jürgens and Freddy Burger took over the club... at a time when the first disco's were being created. At the beginning of the eighties"Mascotte" with the first laser light of Switzerland was, together with the later following "Roxy", the undisputed most popular disco of the city. Even back then, stars and starlets of the national and international show scene, like Mötley Crue or Falco, visited the Club as guests.

Since Feb 2004 with a wide-ranging club and music programme, live concerts by international bands and DJs, showcases, comedy and other cultural occasions, the club appeals to an interested, urban audience and undoubtedly continues the success and glamour of this house so steeped in history.

And now, Burlesque is commin‘ home again !